Role Of Aroma In An Exam/Interview

What perfume or aftershave you are wearing when you go for a job interview is a crucial factor in 'impression management', as it is known in research circles. The interesting thing is that it makes a great deal of difference whether you are being interviewed by a man or a woman. Clearly, if you want to manage the impression you make, the aroma you wear at an interview is an important component of the overall picture. And because odour alters people's perception of each other on the subconscious level, it might even be more important than the qualifications you have in your hand. 'I just didn't like him/her' is a pretty wishy-washy reason to turn an applicant down but it happens and, according to research, with predictable regularity.


In view of all this it might be better not to wear a fragrance at all at interviews - especially if you are a man - but we wear fragrances to please ourselves as well as other people and, most importantly, to give us confidence. Somehow a balance has to be struck and using essential oils is the perfect way to do it.


Effects on male interviewer

Men aren't impressed with men who wear aftershaves at all, perhaps because of male rivalry, and, surprisingly perhaps, they consider women who wear perfume at interviews to be frivolous and unbusinesslike.

Effects on the  female interviewer

Female interviewers are much easier to please and consider perfume and aftershave an integral part of good grooming. But there are perfumes and perfumes, and nobody is going to be impressed if you wear a heavy, hypnotic type of perfume that you might also use on a seductive date. If you wear one of these fragrances you might get asked out, but you won't get the job.


How Essential Oils can help:


Boost Confidence And Increase Memory Power

Certain essential oils are confidence boosters, working through the limbic system of the brain, and their aromas are subtle so if they are detected on the subconscious level by the interviewers, they will have their confidence raised too. This is all to the good.


Here is a synergistic blend of oils which will boost confidence, increase your powers of memory and allow you to concentrate – even if you are a nervous wreck. This is perfect for an interview or exam alike. Mix the component parts together and use 6 drops in your bath before you go to the interview or exam, or put 3 drops on a wet flannel and rub all over your body in the shower. Inhale the aroma deeply to get the full effect:


  • Grapefruit 8 drops

  • Basil 5 drops

  • Bergamot 5 drops

  • Lavender 2 drops


Relax The Mind

There is no point spending the evening before the interview or exam in going over your speech, again and again, or trying to cram more facts into your already nerve-jangled brain. Try to forget the whole thing and instead spend the time doing something you enjoy: watch TV, read a book or, better still, make love - a notoriously good way to relieve stress.


Then take your "Sweet Dreams' bath, preferably while listening to relaxing music which will help to drown out your anticipatory thoughts. Now massage yourself, or have someone massage you, with the same formula, as above. In the morning use the 'Sailing Through' formula.


The essential oil of basil is tremendous for helping one concentrate and think straight, and using it in a room diffuser or by simply inhaling while cramming during the week before an exam will really keep you on the ball. Put a drop of basil on a tissue sniffed before and during the exam will give you a head start - and nobody, except you, will be any the wiser! If you are under sixteen years old use the following formula in a nightly bath for at least a week before the exams; it will keep your nerves under control. If you are reading this with your child in mind, don't tell them it's for 'nerves' - that puts the idea that they are nervous into their head - but instead say it's to relax and make them feel good. Which it is. Use 2-4 drops in each bath:


  • Lavender 5 drops

  • Chamomile 3 drops

  • Geranium 3 drops

  • Mandarin 5 drops

Make into a concentrate.

On the morning of the exam put 2 drops of grapefruit and 1 drop of lavender in a bath and go for it!


Good Sleep


The evening before an important interview or exam can be dreadful. The anticipation makes you more and more nervous so that you end up lying awake for hour after ghastly hour. To nip this syndrome in the bud and give yourself the refreshing sleep you need use the following formula in a bath, followed by a massage:


  • Chamomile Roman 2 drops

  • Geranium 6 drops

  • Sandalwood 4 drops

  • Lemon 3 drops

Make up a concentrate in these proportions.

Use 6 drops in a bath just before bedtime and 5 drops in a dessertspoon of vegetable oil for massage.


Below is a guideline of which essential oils to use, and not to use. Just use them as you would a perfume - a dab behind the ears - or put a drop on your handkerchief in your top jacket pocket. And if, some time later, you ask why you got the job and you're told 'We just liked you', don't be surprised!


  • Lemon

  • Bergamot

  • Melissa

  • Pettigraine (lemon or orange)

  • Neroli

  • Coriander

  • Verbena


  • Rose Maroc

  • Ylang-ylang

  • Narcissus

  • Jasmine

  • Vetiver

Sometimes, different aromas act differently on people. Synergistic blends are the scientific formulas that help the most.